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Sitxfsa002 Participate in Safe Food Handling Practices Assessment Answer

Safe Food Handling Practices Assessment Answer

Sitxfsa002 Participate in Safe Food Handling Practices Assessment Answer

The study of sitxfsa002 includes several qualifications and training packages such as Transport and Logistics Training Package, Sport, Fitness, and Recreation Training Package, Diploma of Deployment Logistics, Diploma of Hospitality Management, Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery, and more. While pursuing any of these course, you are required to write a well-researched sitxfsa002 participate in safe food handling practices assessment answer.

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Brief Introduction to SITXFSA002 Unit

In this unit, you come to learn the knowledge and skills that are necessary to handle food safely during preparation, storage, service, display, and disposal of food. This unit apply to all organisations whether they are temporary or permanent kitchen premises. It includes cafes, restaurants, hotels, and clubs; attractions; event, function, tour operators; educational institutions; exhibition and conference catering; hospitals; correctional centres; aged care facilities; defence forces; kiosks, canteens, cafeterias, and fast food outlets; in-flight, residential catering; and other transport catering.

The assignments covered in this unit are generally based on the organisation’s food safety program. Moreover, you may comply with the requirements concerned to Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code while writing sitxfsa002 assessment answer.

Assignment Questions -

To earn degree in the field of Food and Safety, you are required to answer the following questions.

sitxfsa002 assessment answer

These questions need a complete understanding and knowledge of food safety program, store food safely, prepare food safely, provide safe and single used items, maintain a clear and clean environment, and dispose of food safely. However, our experts providing assignment help in Australia have discussed them in detail.

Adhere to the food safety program

  • Examining and using all the related information from food safety program of an organisation
  • Adhere to the procedures and policies concerned to food safety program
  • Manage food hazards at different control points
  • Follow a complete processes for food safety monitoring 
  • Find and report the non-conforming practices
  • Take preventive measures for incidents where it is difficult to control food hazards 

Store food safely

  • Choose the best and suitable for food storage 
  • Storing food in such environmental conditions which protect food from contamination and maximise quality, freshness, and appearance.
  • Storage of food at best temperatures and make sure that frozen items are still frozen while storage

Prepare food safely

  • Use heating and cooling processes which help in microbiological safety of food
  • Controlling food temperature while preparation by measuring temperature to achieve microbiological safety
  • Make sure that the food is safely served, prepared, and sold to customers

Ensure a safe single use item

  • Display, store, and provide single use items in order to protect them from contamination and damage 
  • Adhere to the instructions concerned to item storage

Maintain and manage a clean and clear environment

  • Sanitise and clean equipment, utensils, and surfaces
  • Make use of most suitable containers and prevent accumulation of recycled matter and garbage
  • Recognise and report sanitising, cleaning, and maintenance requirements
  • Report broken, chipped, or cracked drinking, eating, or food handling utensils
  • Take preventive measures into account to make sure that food handling areas are pest free

Dispose of food safely

  • Separate those foodstuffs from other that are marked for disposal
  • Disposing of food in order to avoid food contamination

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