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CHCECE017 Foster the Holistic Development and Wellbeing of the Child in Early Childhood Assessment Answer

CHCECE017 Foster the Holistic Development and Wellbeing of the Child in Early Childhood Assessment Answer

CHCECE017 Foster the Holistic Development and Wellbeing of the Child in Early Childhood Assessment Answer

CHCECE017 is a unit that deals with community services. It is offered to students studying Diploma of Education, Diploma of School Age Care and Education, Diploma of Early Childhood Care & Education, and Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care. If you are a student pursuing any of these courses, you must have to write CHCECE017 Foster the Holistic Development and Wellbeing of the Child in Early Childhood assessment.

These answers must be written demonstrating the knowledge and skills required to cultivate and enhance the children's wellbeing and development. To write the CHCECE017 assignment answers, you should use the learning outcome of CHCFC503A, CHCFC502A, CHCFC504A, CHCFC505A, and CHCFC506A units. Significant learning outcomes and performance evidence of these units will be quite helpful in writing CHCECE017 assessment. 

Overview Details of CHCECE017 Assessment

CHCECE017 assessment sample

Basic Guidelines for Writing CHCECE017 Assignment Answers

We all know that university assignments are written by following a set of instructions and guidelines provided by the accessor. Similarly, CHCECE017 assignment has its instruction that to be followed to write an accurate CHCECE017 assessment answer

  • You must research 2 different theorists where at least one theorist must be concerned with psychological and emotional learning and childhood development. 
  • Pick theorists who have explained, "How children develop and learn?" 
  • You can refer to the "Early Years Learning Framework Guide" (pages 54- 57) to get an overview of different theoretical viewpoints and corresponding theorists.
  • Once you are done with the selection of theory, write holistic development in childcare assessment answers demonstrating the understanding of both theories.
  • Your information should be well-researched and properly-referenced. You are required to include at least two references for each theorist.

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How to answer the CHCECE017 assessment questions?

While writing the CHCECE017 assessment answers, you may present foundational skills describing language, numeracy, literacy, and employment skills which are important to performance. Additionally, you may present effective oral communication and reading skills. Oral communication skill will assist you in facilitating collective discussion with children, their families, or educators whereas reading gives the accessibility and applying appropriate pedagogical principles from an authentic learning framework. However, our experts have explained the steps to write CHCECE017 Foster the holistic development and wellbeing of the child in early childhood assessment answers.

Question 1: Name Your Theorist. Development theories can be classified in terms of cognitive, emotional, and moral. Erik Erikson is a theorist who introduced different theories of emotional development. Lawrence Kohlberg introduced the key theories of moral development. And, Jean Piaget developed the theories concerned with cognitive development. Thus, you can choose any of the theorists from the above.

Question 2: Summarise The Key Ideas of Theory  You are free to choose any of the theorists mentioned above. Now, you are required to encapsulate the main ideas of the selected theory. For example –

Key Ideas of Emotional Theory

In the study of psychology, emotion is termed as a multifarious feeling that can be in the form of psychological and/ or physical changes. Also, it influences an individual's behaviour and thought. Emotionality deals with various psychological phenomena such as personality, temperament, motivation, and mood. However, when it comes to summarising the main ideas of Erik Erikson's emotional theory, then you may highlight the following points:

Highlight the 8 stages of his theory such as:

  • Trust vs. Mistrust
  • Initiative vs. Guilt
  • Stagnation vs. Generativity
  • Shame and Doubt vs. Autonomy 
  • Isolation vs. Intimacy 
  • Industry vs. Inferiority
  • Confusion vs. Identity 
  • Integrity vs. Despair

To understand these stages in detail, you can avail a CHCECE017 assessment sample or take help from our subject-matter experts. They will provide the exact solution to your concerns.

Main Ideas of Moral Development Theory Developed By Lawrence Kohlberg

Lawrence Kohlberg prolonged the work done by Jean Piaget to elucidate the children's moral development. Also, he defined the three moral development levels such as conventional, pre-conventional, and post-conventional.

Let's have a look at these levels in-detail:

Level 1: Conventional

  • Peer opinion Law and order

Level 2: Pre-conventional

  • Punishment and Obedience 
  • Market exchange

Level 3: Post-conventional

  • Social contract 
  • Universal Principles

To gain further knowledge of moral development theory, hire experts from Online Assignment Expert.

Summarising the key points of Jean Piaget's Cognitive Theory

Jean Piaget anticipated human progress because of the following developmental stages: 

  • Sensorimotor
  • Formal operational period 
  • Concrete operational and 
  • Preoperational

Jean Piaget anticipated human progress

Image: healthline.com

He also made different assumptions about children during the development of cognitive theory including their knowledge based on experience; motivate children to learn by nature, etc.

If you have selected Piaget's Cognitive theory for your assessment, then your answer may conduct extensive research before summarising the key points of his theory. Recently, our nursing assignment experts have written the CHCECE017: Foster the holistic development and wellbeing of the child in an early childhood assessment answer summarising the Cognitive Theory. A sample is given below:

CHCECE017 summarise the key ideas of the theory

Talking about Piaget's Cognitive Theory, there are various development stages of children. Under these stages, several psychological structures emerge as patterns of thinking and organised units which stimulate the way of understanding the information and taking into account. Let's have a look at the sample for CHCECE017 assessment question 3:

CHCECE017 assessment question3

Important Points to Take in Account While Writing CHCECE017 Assessment Answer

To prepare a wonderful CHCECE017 Foster the holistic development and wellbeing of the child in early childhood assessment answer, you may have the following knowledge and skills:

Being a student, you may show the ability to complete the questions involved in this assessment. Therefore, you must have the skills to manage tasks effectively. Additionally, describe the minimum of three developing opportunities for children, including:

  • Supporting and facilitating psychological and emotional development in different age groups of children
  • Inspiring independence and self-help 
  • Developing opportunities to adopt children's positive self-esteem and self-concept 
  • Explain how can you establish a safe and positive environment for children encouraging them to express feelings, thoughts, and ideas

You must demonstrate key knowledge that is important in writing the CHCECE017 assessment answer. You may present an adequate understanding of:

  • Navigating through standards and framework documents in order to identify the areas concerned with this field of study
  • Related aspects of children's psychological and emotional development theories 
  • How physical, social, cognitive, and psychological development is linked with each other?
  • Organisational policies, standards, and procedures

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Hire Online Assignment Experts and Get Instant Help in Writing CHCECE017 Assessment Answers

Online Assignment Expert is the best platform for you if you are facing any type of issues in writing CHCECE017 Foster the holistic development and wellbeing of the child in early childhood assessment answers. At this platform, you will interact with a team of professional academic writers having adequate knowledge of development theories and community services. In addition to writing, our experts also offer proofreading & editing services to students who have already completed the CHCECE017 assessment tasks but unsure about the quality. While proofreading your CHCECE017 assessment, our experts check for:

  • Summarisation of key ideas for both the theories.
  • Whether you have clearly described the impact of identified domains or not?  
  • Whether you have included relevant information to each development theory or not. 
  • Have you correctly referenced the information?

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