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CNA149 Professionalism in Nursing Assessment Answer

CNA149 Professionalism in Nursing Assessment Answer
Students studying professionalism in the nursing unit have to undergo with few tasks such as reflective paper, essay narrative, and exam. The total weightage for CNA149 professionalism in nursing assessment is 100 marks. Students must have the knowledge of nursing concepts, registration & regulation, quality and safety frameworks required for nursing practice, community care, person-centred care, technology-enhanced care, ethics and nursing, teamwork and leadership. In this blog, we will understand this particular assessment in detail and also take a look at the approach used by a nursing expert to solve it.

Assessment task 1: Reflection

For the CNA149 assignment, you are required to explain the term 'professionalism' as students boarding in a nursing career. In reference to scholarly literature, you must prepare a short paper exploring the characteristics exhibited by a professional nurse. Additionally, you are required to provide at least four academic references to back your discussion.  

The main purpose of asking you to write a reflection is coherent your response to the given question and prepare a written work. It gives you the opportunity to examine and interpret scholarly literature in the best way. 

Assessment criteria

The total word count for assessment 1 is 750 words and should be completed by the end of the deadline. Apart from this, there are few assessment criteria that you should follow – 

  • Highlight the concept of professionalism and its characteristics in nursing
  • Format and writing should be clear, concise, and logical
  • Proper in-texting and referencing using Harvard style
  • Include a minimum of four scholarly pieces of evidence and references to evidence your work

Assessment 2: Narrative Essay

In this assessment, you are asked to develop and enhance your research skills so that you can find relevant scholarly sources and information to answer the question. In the 2nd part of the CNA149 Professional and Discipline Studies in nursing assessment, you will be given four questions. You must choose anyone and prepare a narrative essay. Here are those four questions:

 CNA149 Professional and Discipline Studies Assessment Sample

Assessment Criteria

The nursing essay should not exceed 1500 words. Along with that, you should also consider the following things while answering the question:

  • Include and explain the essential points of the question, create an argument, and highlight the understanding.
  • Focus on the formatting, structure, and writing style. It should be correct and clear. In case, if you have used any sort of illustrations in your assessment or presentation, then do not forget to provide source credit. 
  • Use at least 6 scholarly sources 
  • Make accurate use of Harvard style for in-texting and referencing the materials

Assessment 3: Final Exam

The final exam of the CNA149 unit will be a closed book exam where you will be provided options for each question. Also, there will be a few short answer questions based on the CNA149 course module. The purpose of this assessment is to assess the understanding and knowledge acquired from lectures, tutorial activities, presentations, resources, and readings. 

Assessment Criteria

  • The total duration for the final exam is 2 hours.
  • Focus on the key concepts of CNA149 unit and provide clear evidence

How to write the CNA149 Professionalism in Nursing Assessment Answer?

There are hundreds of companies providing CNA149 Professionalism in Nursing Assessment Answers to students. One of our nursing assignment help experts has provided a list of steps for writing the CNA149 assessment answer

  • You must understand the different tasks asked above such as reflective writing, narrative essay, and an online quiz. It will help you to collect information and ideas accordingly. 
  • You should have complete knowledge of nursing, registration & regulation, caring measures for a community, evidence-based care, technology-centred care, ethical working, fiduciary model, leadership, and teamwork. 
  • Must have the ability to exhibit academic skills and examine and interpret scholarly articles, journals, and other sources.  
  • Highlight the RN's professional attributes and demonstrate reflection and critical thinking skills. 
  • Explain the discipline, professional, safety, and quality frameworks that are important in regulating nursing and health in Australia.
  • Prescribe the scope of RN practices in Australia and be able to link the professionalism concept to the practice of nursing. 

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