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Contemporary Nursing and Health Care Issues You Need to Know

Contemporary Nursing and Health Care Issues You Need to Know
It is common for nurses to be aware of contemporary nursing issues. The complicated health care issues concerned with rapid change in global economy express the urgency and importance of a few topics. Nurses are qualified and experienced to determine the most pressing concerns and develop strategies which enhance the current and upcoming health care delivery. Many of the students are required to write assignments in contemporary nursing and health care issues.  However, the assignments concerned with contemporary nursing and health care problems need you to be aware and well-known with the health care issues in nursing. Our experts providing nursing assignment help in Australia have adequate knowledge and understanding. If you are a student who needs help in assignments can contact us but before that, you may know the health care issues. 

Issue 1: Nurse Shortage

Just like other employer nursing also wants to set up maximum manpower. The major concern in contemporary nursing is the shortage of staffs. In Australia, the hospitality industry has failed to manage the demand for required nurses. The main reason for this issue is the adoption and use of new technology and machines.  The number of patients is increasing but the nurses remain the same. Therefore, it becomes difficult for nurses to provide better care and attention to patients. In order to overcome this contemporary issue in nursing, the California state has introduced a Safe Staff RN Ratio Law. This law increased the number of a registered nurse to work as a professional in the State of California, USA. 

Issue 2: Physician Shortage

Nurses play an important role in providing effective care to the patient and their family. According to a survey conducted in 2018 by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), there was an estimated shortage of around 120,000 physicians in the world. It includes the shortage of primary care practitioners between 14,800 and 49,300 by 2030. Also, this creates openings for nurse practitioners.

Issue 3: Nurse-Patient Regulations

New staffing laws as introduced by Massachusetts and California have developed a new healthcare standard for the country. With the help of this law, now the nurses working in units like NICU, burn units, ICU, or children's units are only assigned for one or two patients at a time. If we talk about California's law, it is quite far-reaching as it allows one-to-one nurse-patient ratio in trauma centre departments.  As per the J. Paul Leigh at the Economy Policy Institute, such law has lessened the nursing injuries by over 30%.  

Issue 4: Patient-focused Care

It has been seen that healthcare professionals were working as a fee-for-service model due to which they were failed to gain the best results. Now, to control cost, maintain accountability, and provide high-quality care, healthcare team members are working together in order to deliver the best care to the patient in all the healthcare departments. Here, the trend means in the following for nurses – 
  • Make proper use of standard medical terminology for patients' care.
  • Interacting with other professional team members to communicate deficiencies and successes of the system.
  • Follow a comprehensive method or technique to take care of patients. 
  • Collaborating with patients and provide information for the change in behaviour that improves the result. 
  • Assisting patients to sustain a safety culture and efficiency.

Issue 5: Change in Technology

In the modern era, every industry has changed them in order to perform well and gain maximum results. Nursing or healthcare is no more different from them. Healthcare industry is using technology for therapeutic and diagnostic practices. The concerned are faced when it comes to balancing the cost of contemporary issues in nursing of access care and quality life and technology contributions in health. We all know that nurses assist patients and their families in educating them about the disease they are suffering from, in such cases, it can be said that nurses are quite convincing and choosing an alternative solution for the patients.  So, these were the few contemporary issues in nursing and healthcare. If you are assigned with such topics and need help in writing them then choosing Online Assignment Expert can be the best option.   Here are the reasons, why? If you are a student enrolled in nursing courses like we discussed above and need expert's help in writing Contemporary Nursing and Health Care Issues assignments then choose us. We, at Online Assignment Expert, are well-known among the Australian students because of incredible services and amazing benefits. Here are the few of them discussed briefly. 

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